Amateur radio ham plaques, call signs, names, displays... Personalised and custom made for your shack.
Precision cut Radio Call Sign displays.
AA Woodcrafts (Isle of Wight) Tel: 01983 873056

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Questions & Answers about this product.

Q.   What is the material used ?
A.   MDF....This stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. It is a highly compressed man-made board.

Q.   Why do you use MDF ?
A.   Because MDF has a lot of qualities that are ideally suited to this type of product.
       It has a natural colour, it has no grain to contend with, it is consistent and best of all it is strong.

Q.   Can you cut these in grained wood like oak or pine ?
A.   Yes we can, but there are problems when these are cut in grained wood.
      The contact point at the base of some letters & numbers can be quite small and it's possible that these
      could snap off along the grain at this point !  Because of this, we only cut Call Signs in MDF.

Q.   Do you cut these in larger sizes ?
A.   Yes we do. Please email us for a quote.

Q.   Do they need finishing with varnish or paint ?
A.   No they don't. Most people are happy with them as they are as shown in our 'Photo Gallery'.
They will however, darken slightly with age the same as most wood products do.

Q.   If I wanted to apply a finish, what should I use ?
A.   We recommend using oil based paints or varnishes. If possible, thin the first coat which will make it easier to apply.
      Subsequent coats don't need thinning. The amount of coats needed will depend on the finish

      you choose but in general, 2 coats should be enough.
      Water based finishes will raise the fibres slightly on the cut edges making it necessary to lightly sand these off
      before applying the second coat. Sanding all those internal surfaces is no fun so avoid water based finishes if possible !
      Waxing is possibly the easiest finish to apply and works well with either clear wax or coloured/stained wax.

Q.   What about spraying them ?
A.    In our opinion, spraying is an easy finish to apply. Done properly in short bursts to
       avoid runs, a high quality finish can be achieved much quicker than normal paints and varnishes.

Q.    Do you provide a paint finishing service ?
A.    Sorry, we don't.1